Welcome to DJ Mark Spence’s Official Website!

ImageWhat’s up everyone! Welcome to my website, I’m DJ Mark Spence and I’ve been spinning techno, dubstep, and house music since the breaka breaka dawwwwnnnn. yah. Seriously though, I’ve been producing music professionally for 10 years, as a composer, engineer, and producer with a focus on electronic music and sound track scores, but my passion for music and sound is not limited to one style of music, one time period, or one culture.

I believe that music expresses our deeper nature in a way that only abstract language could. It’s communication right from the heart without the constraints of logical left brained thinking.

I don’t really know what music is, I mean the deep significance of it. As musicians we think we know, but do we really? The ancients have talked of secret meanings to sounds, mystical resonances, and a more serious and developmental role of music in the spiritual refinement of man… but I don’t really know anything about that. I wish I did…

Until them I am like a toddler playing with blocks, because I am humble enough to know that there may be a deeper meaning to music that we know.

Or it could all be poppy cock!!


Wherever you stand, know that I am always down for talking music, philosophy, art, politics, science… whatever!

Music Producers, beat makers, musicians, and composers are who I really want to meet though, because I think the more people sharing ideas, art, and music online the better. We are a the cusp of a serious revolution in human culture and community, and the fact that we can express ourselves through our art, beamed into the brains of billions of people world wide in a split second? What potential! Beautiful.

DJ Mark Spence

Here are some recommended music production, djing, & beat making resources for anyone that wants to get involved in creating music in their own cozly little digital studio. I encourage everyone to make sound and music! With today’s technology there is no reason not to. Everyone has the music inside of them 🙂

Music Production Software & Tools

Ableton Live Music Production Software
Virtual DJing Software
FLStudio Beat Making & Production Software
BeatMakersHQ.com Beat Production & Software


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